The Scottish Highlands; what are they? A Definition and Description

The Highlands of Scotland is a historic region in Scotland.  This mountainous, northern, region of Scotland is famous for its rugged, diverse, landscape, which ranges from mountain terrain to fertile flat land with lots of lochs and rivers.

The Highlands, which take up about 60% of Scotland, have extensive mountainous areas with peaks as high as 1300 metres.  These mountains are not really high but are exposed to very unpredictable, changeable weather conditions, which are influenced by the meeting of land and sea air streams.  Large upland plateau areas are a character of these mountains.

Scotland has a temperate and oceanic type climate.  In the northern parts, the temperatures are generally lower because of the North Sea’s colder surface temperatures.  Rainfall varies a lot.  The western highlands are the wettest.  Heavy snowfall can become more common how higher the altitude.

Where remnants of the native Scots pine forest still exist, you can still find the Scottish crossbill, the only endemic bird species in the UK.  In these areas, you will also find the Scottish wildcat, capercaillie, red squirrel and the pine marten.  Scotland’s bryophyte flora has great importance globally.

Scotland’s Landscapes are one of the country’s greatest assets.  However, the landscapes are subject to great changes.  Some of these landscapes gained a particular value for their wild land quality.  The diversity of its landscapes provides a living picture, canvas, of Scotland’s history, and deeply ingrained traditions of Scotland’s culture.

The diverse seas and coasts of Scotland support a great many species, a wealth of habitats, and generate billions for the Scottish economy.  Scotland’s coasts and seas play a key part in their history, landscape, recreation, and culture.  Marine renewables are also fast developing technologies that encompass the harnessing of the power of waves and tides and offshore winds.

The Highlands are often shown as a romantic, mystic place.  This isn’t strange at all when you take into account the unspoilt nature, deep blue lochs, rugged mountains and empty glens where Red Deer rule the hills and Eagles rule the ever-changing, mystical skies.

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