Renewable Energies in the Highlands and on the Islands of Scotland

The natural resources, for renewable energies, of Scotland is extraordinary when weighed against European, and even global, standards.  The most viable of the potential sources include wind, water, and tide.

Wind Energy; the fastest growing renewable technology energy:

Scotland is a very windy country and the Highlands and Islands have the most sustainable wind regimes to build wind farms and wind turbines.

Onshore Wind Generating Capacities; almost 500 wind turbines are operating, onshore, in the Islands and Highlands.  Along with Hydropower, Wind power delivers more than 50% of the electricity demand.

Offshore Wind Development; has the challenge to fulfill an ambitious and challenging target set to deliver renewable electricity.  Together with other renewable sources, an equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s electricity must be delivered by 2020.

Water; Hydro energy:

With a considerable remaining potential for the introduction of new hydro schemes, Hydropower produces about 12% of Scotland’s electricity.  Of the 145 hydroelectrical schemes, more than half is situated in the Highlands and Islands Area.  Even though the once-rapid growth slowed down, major, new development opportunities have been identified.

Wave Energy:

10% of Europe’s total wave resources flow in the surrounding seas of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  Leading Wave energy device developers are drawn to this area.  Wave energy is included in the ambitious targets of 100% electricity should be delivered through renewable sources by the year 2020.

Tidal Energy:

Having more than their share of tidal energy resources; the Highlands and Islands of Scotland hosts the top tidal wave energy sites in the UK.  This area of Scotland’s coastline contains 25% of Europe’s tidal resource and 50% of the UK’s tidal resource.  A wide range of products and leases for wave and tidal development have been approved.

Having some of the world’s best renewable resources, the Highlands and Islands is at the forefront of the UK’s industry for energy developments.

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