7 Beautiful Places you have to visit in the Scottish Highlands:


The Scottish Highlands are home to mountains, glens and rivers, hidden beaches, ancient woods and deep mysterious lochs.  These beautiful landscapes are often used in movies, television shows, and photographs.  The light constantly changes.  It paints across a big natural canvas, always creating wonderful moments in time.


7 Beautiful Landscapes in the Scottish Highlands

  1. 1. Rannoch Moor; is renowned for its light properties and the exceptional views in all directions. The sky feels huge, troubles turn into dust in awe of the beauty, and the whole world slips away into lochs and mountains.
  2. Faskally Woods (The Enchanted Forest); are naturally beautiful during the daytime, but, at night, the forest becomes ethereal. This forest is a light and sound, award-winning event, with no likeness.
  3. Loch Tummel; is home to colourful woodlands, beavers, and excellent trout fishing. In autumn when the leaves change colours, the trees are coloured in a riot of reds, browns, oranges, yellows and many other shades.
  4. Loch Torridon; is a fifteen-mile long sea loch in the heart of incredible scenic landscapes. Ancient glaciers cut the way for Loch Torridon, out of some of the oldest rock in the world.  Varied wildlife inhabits the woods, waters, and hills.
  5. The Trossachs; is an area of land that lays to the east of Loch Lomond and is full of small glens, peaceful lochs, and fairytale woodlands. In spring, the whole area is covered in wildflowers.  It is a breathtaking sight, especially with the Scottish Bluebells everywhere.
  6. 6. Ben A’an and Loch Katrine; this peak, part of a National Park, offers a stupendous view across a breathtaking landscape. You will feel that the whole world is made up of mountains, disappearing into the far distance, ridge after ridge.
  7. Loch Shiel; is a freshwater loch, best appreciated when you are on the water, canoeing. Camping on the wild shores or islands, you can appreciate the feel of true wilderness.

These are only a few of the wonderful landscapes that await you on the Scottish Highlands




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