Protect Landscapes

Once covered in only ancient woodlands, the Scottish Highlands, even though still beautiful, now have an altered landscape caused by such events as intensive farming and commercial forestry.  Climate change is posing a major threat to the Scottish Highlands and the whole of Scotland.

5 Areas where Protection and Conservation already changed things for the better:

  1. Climate Change; a target was set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of at least 80%. Regular reports on this progress are required.
  2. Protected Areas; are areas of land and water that are designated to contain species and habitats that are of national importance.
  3. National Scenic Areas; that are of national scenic significance, having outstanding scenic interest, and of unsurpassed attractiveness. 40 national scenic areas, 13% of land areas in Scotland, have been identified for conservation.
  4. Environmental Guidance Service; protects communities through regulating all activities that may cause harmful pollution, etc. Helping each and everyone, including, businesses and industries, to understand that environmental responsibilities are not just a government issue, everybody has a role to play.
  5. Controlling Deforestation; through educating people on sustainability and help on the long-term risks. Where deforestation has done damage, reforestation is encouraged in an attempt to repair damages already done.

Through guidance, providing knowledge, controlling harmful actions, learning responsibility towards sustainability and being considerate in all your doings, will prove that every small, positive action helps to protect and conserve.

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